Famous Left-handers
Mario Gómez

Mario Gómez

Mario Gómez (1985) is a former German footballer, best known as a striker. He played for several major clubs in Europe, including VfB Stuttgart, Bayern Munich and AC Fiorentina. Gomez was known for his physical presence in the penalty area, his aerial ability and his ability to score crucial goals.

Gomez began his career at VfB Stuttgart, where he won the Bundesliga in 2007 and established himself as one of the leading strikers in Germany. His success led to a move to Bayern Munich, where he won several national titles, including the Bundesliga twice and the UEFA Champions League once in 2013. Internationally, Gomez played for the German national team, with whom he took part in several major tournaments, including the 2010 achieved third place at the FIFA World Cup.

His personal awards include being voted Footballer of the Year in Germany in 2007 and being included in the Bundesliga's top goalscorers list several times. Although he has not won any Oscars, Grammys or Nobel Prizes, Gomez is highly regarded for his achievements and goals in the world of football.

Our research has shown that in official football lists - depending on the list - right or left was sometimes recorded as a "strong foot". The official position is called “centre forward”.
When researching images, we found evidence that he writes or signs autographs with his left hand. Unfortunately, pictures of gestures during football games are not entirely clear. Here he uses the right or left depending on the situation.
It is mentioned a few times in the tabloid press that he is left-handed. In promotional photos of his participation in the startup Organic Garden, he sometimes uses his left and sometimes his right hand when eating.
We think he's left-handed.